Talent Pool What does this mean?

The Cuban Engineer Talent Pool is a category we have put into practice, linked to our recruitment process, with the aim of following those professionals who would like to join our team and have experience in skills related with the software development industry. By joining our Talent Pool our recruiters can get in touch with you and start a selection process for the technology (ies) you would like to apply for, and if you successfully pass the selection process, you will remain waiting to be part of our team as soon as we have a project that requires your professional skills.


What happens if you don't pass the process successfully?

The recruiters can provide you the necessary feedbacks so that you can start the process again once you are ready.

Which are the sources that integrate our Talent Pool?

Users that have filled in our Cuban Engineer Skills Inquiry.

Users that have sent their CV in English and in pdf format to our e-mail jobs@cuban.engineer, expressing their wish to be part of our Talent Pool.

Professionals that have applied for our past or present job offers.

What are the benefits of

joining our Talent Pool?

You will have a profile ready for the client, so that you can be chosen for one of our job positions at any moment, having a great advantage over those applicants that have not started their selection process.

In case you apply for a job opportunity, your selection process will be quicker, because we will have all the information required.

Your profile will appear in our talent searches for our projects and we will be able to contact you more efficiently.

You will know firsthand, the new job vacancies available each month and our most relevant events through our Email Marketing service